Experience all the delights of staying in a holiday cottage Grasmere, which feels like returning home every time. Situated in the Lake District, Grasmere is a small town offering a peaceful retreat from the everyday rush. The Lakes Escape cottages are by far the most picturesque and hospitable cottages in Grasmere.
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Why Choose Grasmere for Your Holiday Cottage Stay?

Why Choose Grasmere
Grasmere, with breathtaking sceneries and quiet waters, represents the quintessential Lake District. A stay in one of the Grasmere holiday cottages provides you with a setting amidst this beauty, being a perfect setting for some time out. The village of Grasmere offers a picturesque home away from home on a cottage stay.

From leisurely walks around Grasmere Lake to exploring the historic Dove Cottage, there’s no shortage of activities to enrich your stay when you book a luxury cottages Grasmere.

The area caters to all interests and ages, whether you’re seeking adventure or tranquility. With a wealth of things to see and do, a Grasmere cottage ensures you’ll never be bored.

What Makes a Grasmere Cottage Feel Like a Home Away from Home?

* Comfort and Personal Touch

Each cottage is designed with your comfort in mind. Cozy fireplaces, plush furnishings, and all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay make a luxury cottage in Grasmere feel like a home away from home. Thoughtful personal touches ensure a welcoming atmosphere that feels uniquely yours.

* Privacy and Space

Our holiday cottages in Grasmere offer the privacy and space families and couples need to unwind and reconnect, unlike a traditional hotel stay. With spacious living areas and private gardens, you’ll find a peaceful retreat all your own.

* Self-Catering Freedom

The flexibility of self-catering accommodation in the Lake District means you can live on your schedule, cook your meals, and explore local markets, making your holiday experience more personal and authentic.

Experiencing Grasmere's Rich Culture:

* Local Cuisine

Discover the gastronomic pleasures of Grasmere, ranging from authentic taverns serving regional brews to charming cafes providing delectable baked pastries. The local gastronomy mirrors the region’s abundant cultural legacy and natural resources.

* Arts and Literature

Grasmere’s literary history, tied closely to William Wordsworth and other Romantic poets, adds depth and culture to your visit. Exploring this history from your holiday cottage in Grasmere enriches your understanding of the area.

Why The Lakes Escape is Your Go-To for Grasmere Holiday Rentals

At The Lakes Escape, we are dedicated to providing luxury cottages in Lake District that serve as an ideal sanctuary away from your primary residence. The properties in Grasmere that we offer have been meticulously chosen to guarantee they satisfy our stringent criteria for exceptional quality, comfort, and charm. If you are looking for a place to be alone, have exciting experiences, or spend time with your family, we have the perfect cottage in Grasmere for you.
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A holiday cottage in Grasmere offers an enriching, deeply personal experience that stays with you long after you leave. With its natural beauty, a wealth of activities, and rich culture, Grasmere provides the perfect setting for making lasting memories from your self catering accommodation lake district.

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