Holiday Cottages Grasmere - Heron Beck

Heron Beck: Luxury Family Cottage in Grasmere

Heron Beck in Grasmere provides the perfect rural retreat for the whole family! From the porch to the bathrooms, the whole of Heron Beck gives a luxurious feel!

For those seeking an upscale experience, our cottage, Heron Beck, takes comfort to a whole new level.

In fact, each corner of the cottage is thoughtfully designed, paying homage to the region’s rustic beauty while ensuring guests enjoy the best of modern amenities.

Unquestionably, Heron Beck is your dream vacation home waiting to welcome you.

The Wash House: Romantic Couple's Hideaway

Furthermore, The Wash House is the perfect intimate retreat for two with mountain views and lake views and is only a hop and a skip from the lake! Indeed, it’s the perfect cottage for just the two of you!

The Wash House redefines the vacation experience for couples.

It has stunning design, mesmerising mountain and lake views, and proximity to the lake make it the ultimate romantic getaway. Imagine this: Waking up to the grandeur of the mountains. Strolling by the lake in the evening. Returning to the cosy embrace of our elegant cottage. That’s what The Lakes Escape offers to our guests. Book Your Stay at The Wash House in Grasmere.

Holiday Cottages Grasmere - The Wash House

Explore Keswick and Ambleside from Our Grasmere Cottages

Our holiday cottages in Grasmere are the perfect spots for a getaway. We offer self catering accommodation in Lake District. They are only a short distance from the towns of Keswick and Ambleside.

As rated one of the best cottages in Grasmere, The Lakes Escape guarantees a stay that amalgamates tranquillity with the charm of local attractions.

Moreover, our cottages in Grasmere are ideally located, allowing guests easy access to the nearby towns while maintaining the serene charm of a secluded retreat. Consequently, a stay at The Lakes Escape ensures a diverse and enriching experience.

Immerse in Grasmere's Rich Culture and Local Life

With lots to do around, we believe our properties are perfectly placed here in Grasmere. Grasmere is a small village, with lots to offer. Additionally, it boasts wonderful restaurants, local shops and of course the famous gingerbread.

With The Lakes Escape, you get to experience the rich culture and vibrant local life while enjoying a peaceful retreat. Above all, a stay in one of our place gives you a front-row seat to experience this unique lifestyle.

Guest-Approved Grasmere Cottages for a Memorable Holiday

We believe our cottages are the most perfect location for holidays in the Lake District and judging by our guest book, it would appear our guests agree!

A Dream Spot for Mountain Climbers

Our cottages are the dream destination for mountain lovers and thrill-seekers alike, with ample opportunities right at your doorstep. From gentle hikes to challenging climbs, the region is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The magnificent views will reward your efforts and our comfortable cottages will be your haven to rest and recharge.

Discover Grasmere's Tranquil Beauty and Seasonal Charm

For guests wanting to escape the bustle of the city, Grasmere is a beautiful quiet vacation village with beautiful views.

Most importantly, Grasmere’s quaint charm remains untouched by the hands of time, and its natural beauty shines throughout the year. Each season brings a different facet of Grasmere to life, making every visit a new experience. Experience Grasmere’s year-round charm with The Lakes Escape.

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